Geographical view of Poland

Nowy Sącz lies at 49 ° 37’2 “north latitude and 20 ° 42’55” east longitude, it is located in the center of the Sadecka Valley in the chain of the Beskid Sądecki mountains, in the main Carpathian range, in the forks of the two main rivers Dunajec and Nawojowska Between the lands – Gorlice and Limanowska, near the state border with the Slovak Republic, in the southern part of the Małopolskie voivodship. It is the capital of the subregion – the land of Sądecka, the seat of two districts: Grodzki and Tereski.
For residents of the Nowy Sącz district, but also parts of the Limanowa and Gorlice counties, Nowy Sacz is a center filled with a number of tasks in the area of ​​government, judicial, treasury and education, health, culture and sport.

• city area – 57 sq. Km,
• highest point – Majdan Hill –

• lowest point – Wielopole – 272 m above sea level,
• average height of the city – about 300 m above sea level,
• city circuit – 42.3 km,
• length of all streets – 230 km,
• river length – 18 km,
• density – 1486.47 persons / km²

Ossetle Sądeckie
The town has 25 settlements: Barskie, Biegonice, Centrum, Chruślice, Dabrowka, Falkowa, Gołąbkowice, Gorzków, Helena, Kaduk, Kilińskiego, Kochanowskiego, Milenium, Nawojowska, Piątkowa, Poręba Mała, Przewakówka, Stare Miasto, Szujskiego, Westerplatte, Wólki, Przydworcowe, Zabełcze and Zawada.

Border crossings with Slovakia
• Leluchów – Circ (public access roads)
• Piwniczna – Dnis over Poprad (public roads)
• Muszyna – Kurov (small border traffic, road traffic)
• Brewery – Pilhov (small border traffic, road traffic)
• Muszyna – Plavec (public, railway)

Distances between Nowy Sącz and cities in Poland:
Czestochowa – 218 km, Gdańsk – 642 km, Kalisz – 381 km, Katowice – 176 km, Kraków – 97 km,
Krynica – 35 km, Lodz – 297 km, Medyka – 209 km, Oswiecim – 127 km, Poznan – 507 km,
Wodzice – 102 km, Warsaw – 348 km, Wroclaw – 357 km, Zakopane – 98 km.

The city is located in the forks of two major rivers Dunajec and Nawojowskiego. The Hydrographic axis of the Sadecka Valley is the Dunajec River. The waters of Poprad, Nawojowska, Dabrowka, Łubinki, Niskówki and Bieczyczanki take on the surface of Nowy Sącz. It is generally accepted that the rivers of Sądeckie are characterized by considerable variability of flows and states of water. The nature of the rivers of Nowy Sacz is influenced by a number of factors, the main ones being:
Frequent and abundant precipitation accompanying the mountainous areas surrounding the Sadeck Valley;
► fast surface runoff;
► concentric arrangement of rivers;
► low permeability of the substrate (J. Lach, 1997).
The highest water levels are observed after spring thaw and violent torrential downpours. Long-lasting snowflakes occur in the winter and are caused by the occurrence of solid precipitation and long snow cover.Appearing autumn and even summer calves show little retention of the Beskydy.

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