The Adirondack Regional Geographic Information System (ARGIS) is a work in progress. We originally built it as a proof of concept, and it has served that purpose and then some. We have so far been pleased with its performance, but we do know of a few issues that we are working to correct:

  • Google Terrain layer does not redraw correctly when zoomed in past 1:12,000
  • Some KMZ layers in the Download Center do not display in Google Earth unless zoomed in.
  • Rearranging layer order in Table of Contents does not always work as expected.
  • Identify tool does not work when grid data (Digital Elevation Model, Hillshade) added to map.

We also do not know how much traffic the site can support (so far so good!) We hope to resolve these issues in our ARGIS 2.0 release, due Spring 2012. Please let us know of any other bugs or irregularities you find.

aprgis paths 3

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